Internet Explorer 7 Compatibility Mode

Well Internet Explorer 9 is finally here and we will now have to code for it. If you’re like me working in a production environment then most likely it is more of a hassle than a blessing since IE 6 through 9 are still out there.

The best practice is to code for the widest compatibility which, for internet explorer, is IE 7. I left out IE 6 since even Microsoft is trying to get rid of that albatross.

There is a piece of code you can add to your website to force later versions of Internet Explorer to only view the webpage as IE 7. It uses something called compatibility mode.

Internet Explorer 7 Compatibility Mode.

this is the code:
<meta http-equiv=”X-UA-Compatible” content=”IE=EmulateIE7″ >
place this with the other meta tags in the HEAD of the web page.
If you want to test if the page is actually using the correct view mode type the following code into the address bar. (if you paste it some of the commands will disappear so watch for that.)

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Understanding the web page

Trying to conceptualize browsers and the internet can be a daunting thing. The hardest part to deal with is the browser and all the flavors of them that are out there. To think of dealing with a browser I like to think of the story of the painter.
Now this painter is the best in the land and everyone wants to see his work. But there is one condition they have to have the materials ready for him when he arrives. He doesn’t carry any brushes or canvases you see. So off he goes to the various noble’s villas and when he arrives he uses the materials they have waiting for him. Sometimes he has exactly what he needs and other times they may be missing a color or the stool is missing or he only has small brushes but he endures and produces amazing work that impress the millions with his talent.
But then he arrives at a noble’s villa and they don’t have canvas, they have paper. So he makes do and does beautiful sketches and renderings and maybe even a water color. But it is not as amazing as the oil color work he arrived to make. He continues traveling and comes to another villa and this one has forgotten any material to work on so they have him paint on the wall. The work is exquisite but seems to small for so large an area. He travels on and comes to another villa where the noble insists he has the best colors, and they are amazing, but they are slightly different shades than what the painter is used to but he makes do and mixes the colors till they match what he […]

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Google Speech API

Google added an unoffical text to speech API that you can access with a simple query string and it will reply with an MP3 file. you can copy this url into a browser You can change it to say anything you want. Give it a try with the field below

Type in phrase to say, then hit enter

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Aeon 3D Actor

Aeon was one of my first 3D actors I used in shorts and for animation test.

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Webster Bank Flash Banners

These are two Webster Bank flash banners I created for their ad campaigns

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