KODU – EKG Respawner

For those of you new to the latest Xbox Community game Kodu, it is a game creation engine that allows you to build using a simple modular system that is fun to work with. Having built a few games in it I thought I would share solutions to some of the more complex techniques used in other games.
The most common is allowing players to repawn when they die.

THE EKG RESPAWNER – The idea is the player is telling the respawner that he is still alive. when he stops the respawner makes a new player.

WHEN 3 Sec DO +1 score **

// PAGE 1 (this is the game initializer. It makes a player at start of game then never comes back to this page)
DO Create player Once
DO Switch Page 2

//PAGE 2
WHEN Timer 3 Sec DO Switch Page 4

// PAGE 3
DO Create player Once
DO Switch Page 2

// PAGE 4
WHEN Score 0 DO Switch page 3 **
DO -1
DO Switch page 2

** Each player has its own score color for its EKG Respawner to work.

Make sure you turn off the scores so they don’t show up when playing.

That’s it. The respawner is basically asking, are you dead yet, and the player says nope. Once the player stops responding it respawns a new one.

You can find a sample of it under GRAFIKIMON on xbox live in a game called Star Hunter.