Create a facebook feed for your website

In order to get your facebook feed follow these steps.

first go to:

Click +Create New App
fill in an app name. ignore the rest. Click Continue.

fill in the security word to get to the next screen.

On this screen you will see a form for creating your app.

fill in App Domains with the URl of the site that will show the feed.
Click the Website with Facebook Login.
fill in the url including the http:// before the site.

Click Save Changes

Once this is done you will need to copy your APP_ID and APP_SECRET codes

Go to this link replacing APP_ID and APP_SECRET with the actual codes.

when you go there you will get a page looking like this:

your access code is everything after the equal sign. save this code.

next you will need the page name.

go to facebook and go to the page you want the feed for.

for instance to use the feed from this page:

you will use the page name: jasonmcalpin

go to the following URL replacing PAGE_NAME with the actual page name. Add the access_token to the end after the equal sign.

congratulations you now have the JSON feed for your page.

In the next post I will take you through styling it.

Posted by Jason McAlpin

Jason Mcalpin is a full stack developer and game designer. Jason has been programming for over 30 years from the days of punch cards and COBOL. Things have progressed since then and continue to move at a furious pace and Jason explores all of the latest trends in the field.